Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McCall's 6056 Misses' Lounger - Wicked Retro! 1961 not just for lounging.  Great for mom's to be, at the beach, or just schlepping around.
Before I forget!  Would you like a 25% Off Coupon for any Single Item????? I want to start a "gallery" on my website of pictures made from patterns you have gotten from me.  As a nudge, because I am anxious to get started, I am offering a one item 25% off coupon for a picture of the finished product along with a picture of the pattern itself for display - emailed to me!  Email to risingfeenix@yahoo.com and I'll email you a coupon code so you can buy that pattern you've been eyeing!  All features will be anonymous unless you don't care and want to brag - smile.

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