Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vogue 9712 Striking Dress with Front Overlay 1986 and wow I wish I could pull this one off.  Too short and stumpy.  There's a word I like to use - "edgy" - and this is it for me. 

I'll be having a sale the weekend of the 12th and will start it early for you guys.  Heading to either Kingman or Phoenix to visit my friend who is back in the hospital.  If things worsen I will leave sooner and start the sale sooner too.  Keep those prayers coming.  

Do you hate trying to figure out Roman Numerals?  I do.  I can never remember the C's and D's and L's and M's.  I mean the V and X and I are easy but come on!  Found a site online that does it for me:  Roman Numeral Conversion Site which also does fun things like give you the Gregorian Calendar. - hmmmm - I mean you might need that some day - NOT!

Got my husband scanning like a psychotic bobblehead doll.  He's on a roll so a ton of stuff coming at you.  He's already scanned for tomorrow and today he's getting the boat ready to go fishing this weekend.  What a lucky gal I am!

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