Thursday, June 10, 2010

Style 2691 Romantic Off Shoulder Dress & Overskirt 1995 the ultimate special occasion dress.  I only found one other on the internet.  Where did all these Style patterns go?

Got some holiday patterns in today and more scanned for tomorrow.  So if you are one of those lucky people who does things early check them out.  I'm lucky to get my shopping and projects done a week before Christmas!  And get my taxes to the accountant just days before April 15.
Just got my mail today and there are a batch of Prominent Designer mail order patterns from the 1970's.  You can be sure next week will have them in!

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MissP said...

I am looking for an off the shoulder pattern. I cannot find anything, not even a top (then at least I can convert it into a dress if I need to).

I want to know where all these styles went too. Off the shoulder is by far one of my favourites (I even write I post on it)