Wednesday, June 9, 2010

McCall's 7939 Charming Pullover Dress 1982 which would have not been my first choice as a featured pattern but the one I picked got bought!  Oh and it was a beauty too!  If you want to tease yourself you can see it here:  Mail Order A853

But this cutie is worth seeing.  The upper middle is my fav with some cute lace trim at top - very summery.

My food dehydrating has been fun!  Did some strawberries, bell peppers, hot peppers and will start some potatoes today.  Any suggestions or favorite foods to dehydrate?  Starting canning this week too - making bread and butter pickles.  Wish me luck!

Now I need the time to start a sewing project - making a personalized Snuggie.  Want to make some for Christmas gifts too.

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