Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Butterick 5374 Lady of Leisure Housecoat or Brunch Coat / ca. 1950

Butterick 5374 Lady of Leisure Housecoat or Brunch Coat / ca. 1950 - a concept that I don't think is happening today.  Today we wear robes.  Such a shame.  But then not being wealthy or hanging with the elite maybe they still wear these!  Jumping out of bed to an alarm, getting my husband's lunch together, toast for breakfast, making coffee and starting my "job" I know that poor housecoat would have coffee or butter stains the first morning - oh and not to forget all that cat hair.

Check out the Kwik Sew men's briefs pattern I put in yesterday.  I kept thinking "who would wear this?" - the one on the right reminds me of a man's thong and can't be comfortable.  Maybe it's a jock strap!  Kwik Sew 2224 Men's Hunky Briefs 1992

Featured new is McCall's 4051 Cut In Armhole Dress - a Beauty! 2003 which I have two of in different sizes.

I've had numerous customers say how hard it is to find good fabric today.  Nancy gave me a website that has some awesome fabric that I thought you might want to check out.  I'm sure there are numerous sites out there with lots of great and unique fabric - so if you know of any and want to share with me so I can spread the word email me at and I will post the sites.  Here is the site:  Whittle's Fabrics

One of my customs has a very intriguing business name I couldn't resist looking up - Wee Scotty and okay Lynne I am so impressed!

She has a fashion school for kids to teach them how to sew and much more.  I encourage you to peruse her site I know you will enjoy it.

Sewing is such a lost art.  While finding patterns at thrift stores or swap meets people always ask "what do you do with those?" or even "what are those?" and when I explain they look confused.  Come on people!  Clothes don't magically appear on the racks - someone has to make them.  I know you readers have passed your skills on and bless you for that.

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