Friday, October 7, 2011

Mail Order 9236 Dignified Day Dress 1960's

Can't Look Away - Mail Order 9236 Dignified Day Dress 1960's and don't the gloves just "make" the outfit?  Afraid I just can't do it - does anyone even wear gloves anymore except in the winter?  When we lived in the "snow belt" with temperatures below zero I still couldn't take wearing gloves especially when driving a car.  Had to put up with it until the car was warmed up and it was irritating.  Anyone out there still wearing gloves?

Had a lovely conversation with a new customer yesterday who used to live in Arizona but now lives in New Hampshire.  What a difference in weather for sure.  She encouraged me to check out a site with chapters in Yuma called SASS - Single Action Shooting Society who put on "shows" and competitions.  She bought some western period costume patterns.  They must put on quite a show.  Will have to check into their events.  Looks like fun.

We leave this evening for a quick trip to SoCal to visit my sister and her husband.  He's having a rough time doing both chemo and radiation and needs to be cheered up for sure.  My husband could make a Buckingham Palace Guard spit out water with laughter.  Wish us luck.

Featured new is McCall's 5396 Great Looking Jacket, Skirt & Pants 2007 with a very nice combo.  Lovely asymmetrical hem skirt and a neat jacket that fastens in the back.  I think that would complement a figure - showing a waist.

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