Monday, October 17, 2011

Simplicity 7009 Stylish Two-Piece Jiffy Dress 1967

Just put this one in today:  Simplicity 7009 Stylish Two-Piece Jiffy Dress 1967 with a bit of a "suit" look to it.  The pink view is just plain distinguished.

Someone sent me the attached link that is just so funny.  Cows are so dummmmmbbbb!  Rawhide Round 'Em Up

We are going to have a long weekend "vacation" starting on Wednesday.  It's been so long since we've gotten together with our camping buddies because of summer but our first "winter" trip since last April is this weekend.  We are going out Wednesday night and will be back Sunday afternoon.  A 15% off sale will go on starting Thursday for regular customers but it be 20% for you readers.  I will put the link in on Wedneday morning for you!  Nothing will get mailed until the following Monday or Tuesday.  As always will have an internet connection to keep in touch.

The new pattern is one I had before and it got snatched up quickly - McCall's 7077 Extraordinary Loose-Fitted Shirt 1994.  It's a shirt but ... well better than that.  This is one I wish I had found fifty of as it seems to be very popular.

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nancyc20 said...

Great shirt pattern, but 3 hours??? That's like those 15 minute meals that some assistant took and hour and a half to assemble the parts! Maybe if I had an assistant to wash the fabric, iron it, cut it and lay out the pieces assembly style...goofy people...

The bow dress is fabulous. Just saw one of those post-w@r movies...not the Angela Lansbury wacko mom one, but right after that...The Best Man??? something like that...those guys in the suits kept getting in the way of some Almost President's Wife's way of my seeing her dress. HUMPH! The dress was WAAAAAAY more important than their foolish politics. It had a bow on the front of it like this one....very cool. I'd have to watch the movie on mute to see her dress again.

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Gotta admit it would be 15 hours at least for me heeeeeeeheeeeee - I am so lame. My sewing teacher in high school despaired of me ever becoming a successful housewife. She was right - just ask Harry. He has to sew his own buttons on. Wish I had time and inclination to do that shirt though - it is ME!