Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back at Long Last!

Hello readers and my apologies for being absent so long.  I've been struggling with fibromyalgia the last year and seem to barely get my postings onsite and my packages out - but a more positive mindset has me convinced that keeping busier is best - no time for feeling sorry for myself anymore.  For any of you readers who have FMS or know someone who has it there are good days and bad days but it's truly what we do with the days that matters.  I have been finalizing my listings in the afternoons instead of the mornings so if my new listings aren't in early check again later.  If any of you have any helpful hints about FMS would love to hear your ideas!

HAVING A "FINALLY" BACK SALE STARTING RIGHT NOW!  20% off all orders using coupon code HAPPYDAY at checkout.  No new listings tomorrow as I am taking the weekend off.  So all paid packages go out Monday or Tuesday.  There is a big car show this weekend and we are going all day Saturday and then to a concert - can you believe it's Paul Revere and the Raiders!  Get Outta Here!  Oh my gosh I "knew them when" - somehow it seems appropriate having lost Davy Jones (my first love) yesterday.  The car show here is a big deal - Midnight at the Oasis and they sure get alot of awesome cars.

I've been posting my listings later in the day so if there aren't any new listings in the a.m. check in the afternoon.  Here is what went in today:  New March 1st Listings

Featured vintage today is:  McCall 8369 Young Mademoiselle's Scoop Necked Dress / ca. 1951 a very youthful look.  For once it's not a bitsy size - yay.

The featured new is a very quirky Vogue:  Vogue 2971 Flashy Flirty Flambouyant Top & Skirt 2007 and is this over the top of what!  But then again it's very appealing.


Samantha said...

Hello! I came across your website for the first time the other day and I must say, I love it! I have placed two orders within the past week and I foresee myself placing many more in the future! I definitely feel your pain with the fibromyalgia... at the tender age of 25 I struggle with severe FMS (diagnosed 5 years ago but have been battling it for 7 years). The most helpful things for me are consistent and adequate sleep, yoga, and massage. I also have Celiac, and I know people with FMS can have problems with gluten, so maybe check into that too! I know these things don't help everyone, but just wanted to suggest! Anything that could help the pain and fatigue :-) Anyway, thank you for your wonderful site and all of the work that you put into it. I know how hard it must be, especially on bad days. I really commend you for it :-)

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Oh Samantha thanks so much! We sometimes feel very alone - not that I wish FMS on anyone else but we can sure learn from each other different tips. I have considered yoga just for relaxation and I will definitely look for a local class. Oddly my brother was a true yoga guru - he was amazing! Sadly he passed away at age 56 or I would have him coach me. Change of weather today so quite achy - praying for warm weather and I have to be careful what I wish for living in Yuma - land of 118 degrees in the summer LOL - GodBless