Monday, March 5, 2012

Mail Order 9048 Hot Date Halter Dress 1978

Featured vintage pattern with no doubt in my mind!   Mail Order 9048 Hot Date Halter Dress 1978 - summer is fast approaching and if you have a vacation or cruise coming up this fashion is a must have.  One of the prettiest halter dress patterns I have seen.

Business was brisk with the sale and if you found some beauties during the sale congrats.  I'll have another sale in 2 or 3 weeks so keeping check back.

Had a wonderful time at the car show and concert on Saturday.  Okay I'll be brave and post a picture of me with a vintage car in all my fashion glory LOL - I am at the age where comfort and sensible shoes have taken over.  It was in the high 70's and we walked for almost 6 hours drooling over all the vintage cars so my attire was so appropriate and I was in the top 1/3 of women dressing comfortably:

The "car" featured is actually a land and sea car - really!  There are some fun pictures of it driving and then heading into a lake and cruising around.  The little matching trailer is adorable too.  Probably my favorite old cars at the truly ugly ones like Studebakers.  Saw some fun ones there which are now considered rare classics.

The concert was extra fun.  First The Grass Roots played and they were great - sounded so good.  Sometimes the "vintage" groups don't sound as good due to aging vocal cords but the lead singer was right on and I hadn't realized how many big hits they had.  The best was saved for last and who woulda thunk it?  Paul Revere & The Raiders came on and by the time they left our faces hurt from laughing and singing.  Paul Revere is 74 years old and a total hoot.  He was introduced as the last madman of rock and roll and I will testify today he sure is!  Oh my gosh he was ad libbing with the audience and as sharp as a tack and one of the funniest guys I've ever heard.  Their music was so fun too - lots of hits - new "lead" singer who used to be with the Backstreet Boys and he was so good.  Super voice and moves and did some fun imitations too of different artists like Tom Jones.  All in all a wonderful day and evening.  Got home late and literally crawled into bed well past my usual bedtime.  Took all day Sunday to recover - no kidding.  If Paul Revere can still rock and perform at 74 dang it I can keep on keepin' on too!


Okay back to patterns!  My featured newish is:  Simplicity 8170 Fine Looking Dress with Two Skirts 1987 and though I had lots of 80's and 90's and 2000's to think about this one kept coming back to me.  Lots you can do to it - or make it casual or dressy.  Sometimes less is more.

Here is the entire listing for today:  Patterns Just Listed

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