Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Butterick 3511 Stunning Silhouette Dress with Diagonal Tiers / ca. 1945

I didn't get a chance to put any new listings in yesterday.  With the sale over the weekend my whole day was packaging what hadn't gone out Monday.  But some extra lovely ones in today - kicked back on the couch and looked thru some that a lovely lady had sent to me and they are mind blowing.  It's so nice to have someone care enough about a loved one's patterns that they don't just throw them away.  Now they get a chance for a new home and being used and treasured again.  Plus since I never research any pattern or pattern lots before I buy them it is either a deal or a dud for me.  I have a set price I pay and rarely deviate from it.  So if you are looking to clean out your vintage patterns email me - I can either buy them outright or give you a credit.

Featured vintage pattern today is (oops it was going to be the Sue Burnett 8692 but Tracey grabbed it so quick LOL) :  Butterick 3511 Stunning Silhouette Dress with Diagonal Tiers / ca. 1945 an extremely rare and unique dress.  The descriptions for these era of patterns are always so beautiful:  "Misses' One-Piece Dress: Tiers in Tunic Effect.  The diagonally tiered, tunic-like lines break the slim silhouette of this dress in a most flattering way.  Its engagingly draped-to-the-side neckline is caught with a bow in view B.  Sleeves are short in view A; below-elbow length in view B" -- wish the newer patterns could be so creative instead of so dull.

One of my customers the other day bought some costume patterns and I noticed as part of her address it was a business so being ever curious I Googled her and she has a Clown business!  Holiday the Clown where you can book a clown for parties and events.  East Coast only but if you live out there and need a clown well there ya go!

Featured new wasn't even a toss up:  Vogue 2427 Unique Woman's Cutting Edge Dress 1990 by designer Issey Miyake.  Okay never mind my lady in Singapore just bought it LOL.  Dang sometimes you ladies are so fast!  Trying again - Vogue 1376 Space Age Dress with Big Shoulders 1980's which so reminds me of the 80's era when David Bowie did Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars music.  Without the weirdness - grin.

I'll be posting later today the new stuff!

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