Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vogue 4485 Hollywood Vamp Dress & Jacket 1954

Happy Thursday!  Looking forward to the weekend and maybe getting some time to myself.  My yard is a disaster zone.  If I can't clean it up this weekend I will have to put out warning signs, or at least make sure people don't think my house is an abandoned lot.  Because we are in the desert with 118 highs in the summer we pass on trying to grow grass.  Some cactus - a very tall saguero and some ocotillo, desert friendly bushes, orange and grapefruit and lime trees, and 3 huge palm trees.  Lots of leaves from the trees - but since the fruit is fantastic I am willing to not lop them off and avoid raking leaves.  Our grapefruit are so sweet - they make absolutely the best Greyhounds.  Mmmm - tonite .....

Featured vintage pattern today is:  Vogue 4485 Hollywood Vamp Dress & Jacket 1954 a most splendid outfit so reminiscent of a haughty movie star of the 50's.  God bless you Betty for all the wonderful old patterns that you gave up -

I may have already written about articles and info on Burdastyle.  Found another interesting one about sewing plus size patterns.  This site has a wealth of information as well as showing off the interesting Euro styling of Burda.

Well not terribly "new" but wanted to post this showy New Look 6151 Theatrical Cape & Skirt 1980's as always a bold look for this pattern maker.  They used to be made in England.  I think Simplicity bought them out but I'm not sure - too bad they don't still make them.  They are quite unique and very sought after.  Here are more New Look Sewing Patterns

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