Tuesday, March 27, 2012

McCall's 3544 Can't Be Beat Set of Bolero Jackets 1955

Better late than never!  Had a doctor appointment this afternoon so took the opportunity to hit the thrift stores too.  Just got home and sorted thru some awesome new and older patterns.  About 5 very pretty Fifties ones that are getting hard to find in the thrift stores. 

McCall's 3544 Can't Be Beat Set of Bolero Jackets 1955 - classic and uncut and ready to make for casual or evening.  Being a jeans lover I always eyeball something that will look jiggy with jeans.  That's a "yep" on this one.

Several boxes on my living room floor, and a few bags too, that came yesterday and I can't believe I haven't had a chance to go thru any of the patterns.  When I am done here that's what I will do.  Settle down with a margarita and be surrounded by patterns - life is good.

Oh a big thank you to Joni!  She sent me a big ole box of patterns some of which I listed today.  A bunch were without envelopes but they are all so hard to find that it was thrilling to research, find pictures and list.  One of the featured new ones is without an envelope but I have printed out the envelope copy so it comes with the patterns.

Vogue 1977 Wow Wrap Jacket & Pencil Skirt 1980's- that jacket in a vivid red is a winner.  Wish I had found this when I lived where it got cold - grin.

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lorrwill said...

If that bolero set were in my size, I would have bought it!