Wednesday, August 15, 2012

McCall's 3100 Gorgeous Grace Kelly First Date Dress 1954

What a rare treasure listed yesterday!  How did I get a day behind?  I've been listing so late in the day but when you see what went in late yesterday the lateness won't matter - smile. 

McCall's 3100 Gorgeous Grace Kelly First Date Dress 1954 and researching this dress was so fun.  I've put in a few other pictures showing Princess Grace wearing this dress.

Go check out all the pictures I put in for this pattern.  What an era of elegance!

Love skirts?  Especially pleated skirts?  Vogue 7810 Superb Skirt with "Soft Rolling Pleats" 1952 is a beauty.  It's a pre-cut tissue but it's complete in factory folds.

I had this pattern a while back and it shot out of stock - no surprise there.  Butterick 3295 Hot Tamale Cocktail Dress / ca. 1965

Sleek and sleeveless with ruffled bodice.  This could be "that little black dress" for a special evening.

Here are some of the best new patterns put in - I got a big stock of out of print Vogues that are so dreamy: 
 Love the jacket - 

Included are - Headband & Cuffs, Collar, Hat & Gloves,
Hat & Muff, Chemisette

I've started to put in some holiday patterns as well as costume patterns because that season is coming up fast.  If you are thinking about what to do for Halloween check out all the costume patterns on my site:  Costume Patterns

Here are my seasonal patterns if you are looking for a project for Thanksgiving and Christmas:  Seasonal Patterns

Running out of room to post any more of the neat patterns I put in yesterday so click over to see them all:


nancyc20 said...

Only Grace Kelley could wear ivy on her head and look beautiful.

Pearl Cardigan said...

Oh. my. you found the Grace Kelly dress! I adore it for its provenace, but did anyone else see it in the flesh at the V&A exhibition of her clothes recently? Sadly, it was disappointing. And if you know the story of why she wore it that day, you'll understand that it wasn't her first choice. But I feel the misstep was all about the fabric choice. Its a dark floral, but closeup its that blurry style of silk printing - just not a wise choice. But I'm sure some lucky girl is going to make a better job of this with your awesome pattern!

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

I had been looking for this pattern for a long time - totally lucked out! Some fashion maven will be in heaven when they decide they "have to have" this one LOL