Thursday, August 16, 2012

W.J. Dupee 1129 Dazzling Dress / ca. 1920's / 1930's


The cellophane wraper on this pattern had the name W.J. Dupee on it and my research only showed an old dry goods store with that name.  Hmmm - mystery.  A lovely lady called me about this pattern that had been in her family and she wanted to pass it on.  It is in factory folds -

It's a bit hard to date because there is no date or envelope with postage to go by.  I estimated.  If you have any information about this pattern distributor or the era it was made let me know.

For you rock and roll circle skirt lovers:  Butterick 7487 Rock & Roll Full Skirt or Jumper / ca. 1955 a bobby soxer chic pattern!  I always laugh when I see a jumper that can easily be converted to a sleeveless summer dress - I don't picture this jumper as anything but a sleeveless dress.

Are you ready for those Christmas or New Year's parties coming up quicker than we want?  Check out this Butterick 3181 Low Backed Cocktail Party Dress / ca. 1965 a va va voom eye popper!

Got a number of  newish Vogues this week and I've had this awesome skirt before:  Vogue 8327 Dance All Night Tiered Skirt 2006 - very romantic looking.

Another one I've had before is this Vogue 8425 High Waisted Skirt for a High Class Lady 2007 for pencil skirt lovers.

Here I go back to raving about a Burda pattern:  Burda 7204 Fashionable & Flirty Dress & Shirt 2000's but you can see why I am excited about this beauty.



Anonymous said...

The Vogue skirt V8425 is not rare. It is not even out of print.

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Wow - I didn't say it was out of print. I said it was rare. There is only one on Ebay right now for the same price or you can of course order it straight from Vogue for $22.00. I re-evaulate all my patterns every 6 to 8 months and if it should become more available the price will go down and I will clarify availability! Thanks for your comment - sheila

Anonymous said... you stick you tongue out at me? how rude.

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Oh gosh please read the text LOL - My dry sense of humor often gets me in a pickle. Not intended to be rude just funny! It was great to be able to clarify how rating and pricing gets set. I often wonder what other sellers are thinking when I see what they list and their pricing and description. Since you are anonymous I let my inner child out. Take care!