Friday, August 10, 2012

Vogue 7271 Fashionista's Dazzling Coordinates / ca. 1968

Staying inside avoiding going outside - it's 114 right now and the sidewalks are starting to sizzle.  Got the A/C cranked on round the clock this month.  August is always the worst month for high temps.  We may take the boat to the river on Sunday but it's such a grueling chore to hook up, then launch and then do the same when we get off the river.  In between is heaven - sitting on a sandbar under the EZ-Up, bobbing like a cork in the water to cool off, napping, snacking - sigh - I'm ready to go!

Have two days to catch up on (no listing on Wednesday had a dr. appt).  Working on putting in some of that awesome lot I got recently. 

Here are some of the top ones for Thursday:

Country Gentleman 2147 Lorraine's Afternoon Delight Dress 1940's - is that a little pocket on the shoulder?

Simplicity 4310 Norma Jean Bra, Shorts, Shirt & Skirt / ca. 1953 a super sexy summer wardrobe.  Rare as "hen's teeth" as the saying goes - grin.

Vogue 9525 Romantic Dress with Peeky Neckline 1958 an in your face reminder that the 50's had the best fashions ever!

Here are some from what I put in today:

Simplicity 3591 Striking Dress with Bodice Variations / ca. 1960 and you have to look past the bad discoloration to see what awesome dresses these are!

The "piece de resistance" for today is this Vogue 7271 Fashionista's Dazzling Coordinates / ca. 1968 a very rare pattern and I can see why - who could resist buying this and NOT making these!  Someone silly resisted and it's never been used.  Gives me goosebumps.

Here are some newish ones that caught my eye on Thursday and today:

This Simplicity 6467 Willowy Wrap Dress 1990's is one I've had before and it's very popular.  It doesn't usually stay in stock long.

This one is so temping to me - it's "me" - Butterick 3879 Perky "Bibbed" Jumper & Top 1995

How cute is this!  McCall's 5770 Unisex Nightshirt, Pajamas & Top for DOG! 2008 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know alot of the U.S. is having quite warm weather but enjoy it while it's here - winter always arrives!

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