Monday, August 13, 2012

Simplicity 4307 Retro Beach Babe Bathing Suit & Beach Coat / ca.1953

Just looked at the outside temp and it's 118.9 - I refuse to go outside.  My poor husband works in and out during the day at a garage and some days he melts when he gets home.  I will have an ice cold margarita ready for him when he arrives.  One for me too of course.

Here's a treat for featured pattern:  Simplicity 4307 Retro Beach Babe Bathing Suit & Beach Coat / ca.1953 one of that great lot I received.  Why do people put patterns in a manila envelope with the original envelope taped on it?  Why?  It's so destrustive.  Fries my cookies when I see that.  The beach coat is cut but the suit isn't.  It is extremely rare and sought after.  Frankly I priced it too high for my budget too but if you are a collector of rare patterns this is a lost treasure.

This early 50's pattern still retains that 1940's styling.  IMO it looks like a "bandeau" bodice only not bandeau.  Confused yet?

Next in line is a useful but also novelty pattern:  Simplicity 4149 Men's Debonaire Boxer Shorts / ca. 1953 described with "soft pleats" - cracks me up.  Not too many vintage men's undies patterns that I've found but they tend to go fast.  Just think how creative you can be with this - all kinds of fabric types and designs.  Kind of a personal adventure - grin.

Looking for a refiined robe?  Vogue 6656 Divine Housecoat or Brunch Coat 1951 which reminds me of the old style Hollywood "dressings gown" - envelope pretty awful but pattern very good.

Featured new patterns start out with this : Butterick 4369 Outstanding Dress with Forties' Flair 1996 which mostly caught my eye because of the contract bodice.  It is very pretty!

Here are two patterns just right for hanging around the house in that "Muu Muu" style: 

Lastly here's a much more formal dress for those of you with adventurous spirits: 

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