Thursday, August 23, 2012


First off I want to address someone "anonymous" who left a comment about a pattern I had listed as "rare" - they indicated that it was not rare and in fact was not out of print.  The term "rare" does not necessarily mean vintage or old to me, it indicates availability.  I researched the pattern again and found one on Ebay at the same price, a few other places had ones listed but they were sold and the manufacturer had one you could order online for $22.00.  Sounds rare to me!  Every 6 to 8 months I reevaluate my listings and if it should become more available my price will come down and the "rare" will be removed.   So there!  Okay just kidding with the picture - I do appreciate the opportunity to clarify how I rate patterns.  All my listings are researched before being listed - first on Ebay (that is the world's biggest store), then on Google - so my pricing is not arbitrary.

SALE TIME:  Now for the fun news!  Taking a long weekend and will be having a sale starting in the morning for regular buyers but for you readers it starts tonite.  For 20% off use coupon code TACOSALAD (what I am making for company tomorrow nite - smile) during checkout.  All paid items will be mailed Monday or Tuesday.

Here are the links for this week's listings and so sorry I haven't blogged -

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