Tuesday, January 15, 2013

McCall's 4579 Radioactive Hot Pencil Skirt 1958

I didn't list anything new yesterday - got behind so I put in some 8 month old patterns that were too nice to delete from stock.  It always surprises me how many of these sell quickly when relisted.  It's hard to look thru all the patterns and many people look just the newest month when they find my site so recycling is helpful.

If you love skirts there are two unique beauties in today.  One 40's and one 50's and two completely different looks but both bring something to the dance!

Super hot and tight Rockabilly - McCall's 4579 Radioactive Hot Pencil Skirt 1958 with neat side buttons.  Oh I wish I was young and svelte enough to pull this one off!

Part Deux is this fuller skirted Simplicity 2024 Work of Art "Bustled" Daytime & Evening Skirt / ca. 1947 - now the shorter version is nice but the longer version with the "bustle" reminds me of an old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movie.

Fast forward to the 70's for this McCall's 3474 Vivacious V-Necked Dress or Tunic 1972.  The color & fabric design will make or break this outfit.  If it's a blah look then a no go.  Great lime green with trim or even the plaid fabric.  The V-neckline is versatile enough to make a turtleneck top under it trendy, comfortable & warm.  I like!
Another 70's with more of a "mod" look to it is this Simplicity 5009 Keyhole Neckline Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972 - the neckline almost has a faux scarf look - I expected it to have scarf drapes in the back.  Alas no.  I guess that could be put in ...  hmmmmm

Very feminine look to this Simplicity 5554 Dainty Shaped Bodice Dress 1973 - the long sleeved version is perfect for anyone who prefers a more modest look but likes to keep it retro too.

I like "short shorts" - and this McCall's 3177 Stretchy Dress or Top & Shorts or Pants 1972. The bee's knees!  The long or short top & shorts make this pattern for me.  Wish they had paired the short top with the shorts so I could eyeball it better.  Great summer outfit.

Back a decade for this McCall's 5507 Wolf Whistle Dress & Jacket 1960 is a pattern I had a while back and another turned up.  Horrible picture - but vintage McCall's patterns tend to get so very discolored.  When scanned it exaggerates the discoloration so I try to lighten it up.  It's the best I could do - sigh.  Worth the extra work to clean it up - it's uncut and fantastic!
From old to "new" my first favorite today is this McCall's 7074 Sexy Bohemian Top & Skirt 1994.  When I spotted this I couldn't grab it fast enough.
Another back in stock one that can't seem to stay in stock is this McCall's 7125 Quirky Cute Apron Dress - Jumper 1994
McCall's 6657 Faux Fur Collar & Hoodie Jacket, Coat & Belt 2012 - still looking for a warm coat or jacket before winter's end?

From super yummy to super stylish:  Vogue 8678 Avant Garde Jacket, Top, Skirt & Pants 2010

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