Thursday, January 31, 2013

Simplicity 5071 Winsome Wrap Around Jumper / ca. 1963

I have blood shooting out of my eyes!  For the first time I was checking out the new postal fees for international mail and it has almost doubled and in some cases tripled.  Unbelievable!  This is so very upsetting because their mismanagement is going to cost you my dear international customers an unrealistic amount to even buy one small pattern.  The higher in ounces a package goes it skyrockets.  In the end it makes buying a pattern or patterns cost prohibitive.  You are disappointed because the cost is too high (I mailed a $6.00 pattern today and it was over $8.00 in postage) and I am disappointed when my sales drop.  I am frustrated, angry, ready to cry.  What our government doesn't realize is that dropping prices improves business.  Lower shipping fees mean people buy more without cringing at the shipping.  Whenever I buy anything I eyeball shipping - since I know what it is likely to cost I avoid sellers who gouge on shipping.  My apologies to all my international customers - here are the new shipping rates:


Now for the good news (grin) take a look at this Simplicity 5071 Winsome Wrap Around Jumper / ca. 1963 just the sweetest thing!  Obviously it can be worn as a dress to zest it up a bit.  I keep thinking a pretty flowery print would be nice too.

I will admit to not being a big jumpsuit or romper fan but this one can change my mind! Vogue 9734 Working Gal's Jumpsuit in Two Lengths 1980's - the checked one is pretty darn cute though it would be a bit much IMO for the longer version.

These few patterns are a bit plain but really grab me.  I've always liked "safari" looking shirts or jackets.  Simplicity 8247 Safari Jacket, Pants & Culottes 1977 

This one is an eye popper for me.  It looks a bit simplistic but it's a winner!  Simplicity 6205 Sophisticated Dress or Jumper, Blouse & Scarf 1974 

What a great Seventies' Top!  Butterick 4616 Tunicesque Blouse & Scarf 1970's 

This poor beauty is pretty beat up on the outside but the pattern pieces are entirely useable.  There are a few rough spots on the pieces but they won't stop you from making this lovely blouse!  Vogue 9124 Tina's Tuck-In Blouse / ca. 1941

In the newer realm this is my favorite!  McCall's 4630 Star Struck Gowns & Dress 1989 with a bit of a Harlow looking drape.  Just love it!  I guess GLAMOUROUS is the word I'm looking for.

The word "feminine" popped into my head the minute I saw this - because it just is!  Vogue 2346 Feminine Jacket, Dress, Top, Skirt & Pants 1999 
Here's an Khaliah Ali pattern and she always has great looking plus size fashions.  Thank you Khaliah!  Simplicity 4050 Smashing Dress with Front & Trim Variations 2006 
Every Butterick Glamour Collection pattern I've seen I have really liked.  Here's a newly acquired one:  Butterick 5047 Smart Tapered Dress 1990

Are you into hats?  Here's one I just got that is pretty cute!  Butterick 3055 Misses' Fashion Hats 1993

Oooh this one is a killer summer look:  Simplicity 7946 Willowy Dress with Peeky Back 1987 - a graceful bodice with peek-a-book back and a gracefully wide skirt.  Yum.

One last one - have to start dinner.  This unique offset buttoned dress or tunic shrieks class:  Vogue 9062 Sharp as a Tack Dress, Tunic & Skirt 1994




BarbaraShowell said...

I didn't look at the rates, but I know shipping costs keep me from buying a lot of what I would buy if it were free.

I LOVE looking at your retro patterns and think probably yours is the best I've seen in all my internet trolling.

Have you ever considered getting some of these digitalized? I realize it would be some work. I don't know if there are any copywrite laws that would apply to these patterns, but if they are free to reproduce you could probably hire a very willing teen or stay at home mom to take them to a kinkos or somewhere to get them copied into a pdf format and then sell those copies online. Many folks would still prefer the original tissue copies, but I bet there would also be a demand for instant downloads for some of these great, classic designs. Just thinking....

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

I have thought about digitizing (sp?? LOL) but it looks like alot of work to get it set up, get them scanned for downloading, etc. Just the thought makes me want to set my hair on fire LOL. I have thought about doing the knitting crochet booklets that way but then I would have to change my "no reproductions" motto which is important to me. Frankly with all the costs of everything going up I have some decisions to make - thanks for your encouragement!