Wednesday, January 16, 2013

McCall 6415 "Da Bomb" Skirt with Pretty Drape in Front 1946

Stay tuned for an MLK holiday weekend sale!  I will post on Friday the coupon code to get 20% off.  The sale will go from Friday at posting until Midnight Monday.
If you have never read Dr. King's Letters from a Birmingham Jail it's a must.  I just read it a few days ago and was bowled over at how inspiring it was and could have been written today about any of our rights and how we conduct ourselves in life.  A few years ago I was blessed to hear Alveda King in Washington, DC and her Uncle would be so proud of her and all her hard work to continue to spread his message.
Feast your eyes on this skirt!  McCall 6415 "Da Bomb" Skirt with Pretty Drape in Front 1946 an uncut and super rare pattern.  That sweet drape - oh it makes me drool.

I have more newer ones that I love today than vintage ones so let's get started!

If you love fur or faux fur - Check this one out!  
Donna Salyers' Fabulous-Furs 002 Luscious Fur Jacket or Coat - SIGNED! 1989.  I've never seen a pattern signed by a designer & this designer is quite renowned & sought after.   Fur Coat Patterns & Fur Jacket Patterns links!

Almost all of the Butterick Retro patterns from the 1990's and early 2000's are becoming more scarce and sought after.  Here's another hard to find one.  Butterick 6240 Wowee Waist Darted Dress 1999 
This blouse reminds me of Steveie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac - McCall's 6166 Ethereal Top with Shaped Hem 2010.  I have this in all sizes!
Oooh La La!  Vogue 1336 Sassy Lady Denim Dress & Shorts 1994.  A sexy country gal look.  Daisy Duke?
Vogue 1522 Artsy Jacket, Dress, Top, Pants & Shorts 1985   a bit of a 20's look to the dress - flapper chemise!  I have two sizes and both are uncut.

In the era of Mad Men this hottie outfit looks like it would fit right into that series:  Butterick 5169 Flamboyant Top & Skirt 2008

Last but not least!  Get ready for summer with this Simplicity 6390 Lighthearted Summer Dress 1995


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