Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Simplicity 5410 Barb's One-Piece Dress with Detachable Collar 1964

Wow 2013 is here already.

Starting off the featured pattern category for 2013 with an everyday but elegant Simplicity 5410 Barb's One-Piece Dress with Detachable Collar 1964 
Here's one I had recently and it sold so quickly:  Simplicity 7229 Hottie Halter Dress & Jacket 1975 if you missed it last time head over there quickly!

Into the Mod Era!  Simplicity 8920 Cheery Mini-Dress & Sash 1970 and I adore that lap ear dog collar.  Neat poofy sleeves and depending on fabric this can be casual or for a party.

Oh My Oh My!  Butterick 5118 Flaming Hot Dress with Plunging Neckline 1970's.  It reminds me of a 1920's dress with that draping neckline - just smashing!

I couldn't wait to put in the newer patterns as I have several that have been in my store before but always sold so fast.  They are very sought after so here goes:
Whether you are looking for that old fashioned western look or just prefer modest clothes:  McCall's 7238 Rodeo Chic Jacket or Vest & Skirt 1994 fits both bills.  This is an McC Old West Pattern.

Here's another McC Old West Pattern:  McCall's 6935 Zesty Western Shirt with Detachable Cape 1994

So tempted to keep this one for myself!  It says a shirt but would appear to also be a great short shirtdress.  McCall's 7077 Extraordinary Loose-Fitted Shirt 1994 


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