Thursday, January 10, 2013

Advance 2866 Huge Skirt with Big Deep Pockets / ca. 1962

What a rocky road the last few days have been.  I came to this site late Tuesday to post for Monday and Tuesday and when I went to publish hit that - da da dum - mystery key that completely obliterated my posting.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Back button didn't work, and nothing showed up as "saved" - I spent a good hour trying to find it but couldn't.  The rest of the afternoon I spent crying or hitting my head on the desk - okay just kidding.

I will be saving this posting every other word! 

NO Listing Tomorrow.  Going on a "road trip" with my husband to Phoenix to pick up a tool for his garage.  Getting an early start at 5 a.m. - pray for me (grin).


 Another old favorite I have found again:  Advance 2866 Huge Skirt with Big Deep Pockets / ca. 1962  & lucky you it's uncut!  Close your eyes and picture Sandra Dee.
Marian the Librarian comes to mind with this Grit 1-458 Head Librarian Jerkin & Skirt 1962 

Kick up your heels with this mod outfit - Simplicity 9508 Princess Seamed Tunic & Pants 1971

 I love it when I run across patterns that are ones I've had before and I know are sought after and this is another lucky find:  Butterick 5740 Honeymoon Slip, Camisole, Panties, Teddy & Half-Slip 1987 

Pretty as can be is this Simplicity 5502 Quaker Collar Dress or Jumper 1973 - a no frills dress with that unique topping.


Vogue 8325 Dandy Shirt Dress 1954 which is especially sweet in that small black and white check fabric.

Nothing showy here just understated elegance:  Grit 1303 Fashionista Dress & Jacket 1967 - figure flattering dress and dainty little jacket.  Great Mad Men Combo.  Just put on a pretty little necklace and maybe a bling bracelet and let us go at that.

My favorite from yesterday is this skirt with tilted pockets:  Advance 5426 Full Sweep Skirt with Offset Pockets / ca. 1956 is this the bomb or what!

Here's a skirt that I just put in that has unique pockets too:  Grit 8259 Pointy Pocketed Wrap Skirt 1950's

Jumping forward two decades and what a difference  - McCall's 4028 Tie Backed Hippie Dress or Top 1974.  The ruffled bottom is so hippie looking - I think I like the blouse better than the dress though.  Toss it on with a pair of jeans and sandels and voila.

Oh I always get so frustrated with a beautiful pattern that is so age discolored as so many old ones are.  They just don't present themselves very well.  I always hope that people can see the silk purse instead of a pig's ear - grin.  Simplicity 4761 Adorable One-Piece Chemise Dress / ca. 1954 an uncut beauty begging to be made and worn while shopping at a farmer's market.

On to the new and these pants shout "ME" - I love them, they are just my style, up my alley, blows my skirt up.  McCall's 6291 Trendy Cargo Shorts & Pants 2011 perfect for schlepping around.  Stick your credit cards, license, keys, cell phone in those handy pockets and leave your hands free to shop.

A little more formal - Vogue 8375 Sweet Double Breasted Dress 1992 so versatile for a casual or career event.  It looks so easy to slip into, button up the front and go.

I've been finding alot of the McC Old West Brand patterns that are so down home.  I have this one in 3 different sizes:  McCall's 7237 Annie Oakley Yoked Dress 1994 
I think I have a few more McC Old West patterns to put in ... check next week

Looking for a topper?  McCall's 6469 Frothy Flouncy Top 2011 in two sets of sizes - king of gypsy, peasant bohemian all in one.

Here's another I've had before but it's always a treat to find one of these Butterick Retro patterns -Butterick 6523 April in Paris Dress with Faux Bolero 2000

I've pressed my luck enough for today even with saving every few seconds LOL.

NO Listing Tomorrow.  Going on a "road trip" with my husband to Phoenix to pick up a tool for his garage.  Getting an early start at 5 a.m. - pray for me.

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