Friday, September 25, 2009

Here's a fun one - Simplicity 9126 Nuclear Set of Hippie Vests 1970 with a hoodie version that is super. A bit medieval mod looking. I put in a couple of rather nice 1980's Halter Dress / Jumpsuit Patterns that are worth checking out too.

We went on that nice (?) ride yesterday and my enthusiasm got the better of us. It was a bit too warm but we were determined to have a good time LOL. By the time we got home we were fried (not sunburn just heat) - sigh - maybe in a few weeks!

I have my SECOND picture to make up a gallery of items made from patterns. I want to have a number before I create a page link. SO SEND ME YOUR PICTURES and also include the pattern make and number so I can reference that too and include a copy side by side.

Thank you Erin from Dressaday for always being on top of my sales so her many readers can get some deals!

Here's what went in today - and after putting these here I realized I'm a bit weak on the oldies. Sorry! I got so excited over the great 1970's / 1980's I pulled out of the closet I spaced:

Vintage 1930's Patterns (1)

1950's Patterns (1)

1960's Patterns (1)

1970's Patterns (11)

1980's Patterns (15)

1990's Patterns (8)

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