Thursday, September 17, 2009

My apologies for not posting this week! A very hectic weekend in Phoenix and right before we left while we were packing up the car my husband said "Watch out for that brick" - and since it was dark I remember thinking "What brick?" before I exploded my big toe on my right foot (the trouble with flip flops). Took my breath away and I couldn't even scream - hopped like mad into the house, collapsed on the kitchen floor bleeding away and clutching my foot. So I spent the rest of the weekend hobbling with a huge bandage on my foot.
But since I don't type with my feet it's not really an excuse just a bid for some sympathy LOL.
Here's a most special pattern listed this morning: McCall's 4186 Talk of the Town Two-Piece Dress 1957 - what more can I say to describe this? Really had some super special patterns listed this week. Here are some links to the last few days and today's postings:
Here is what listed today:

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