Wednesday, September 23, 2009

McCall 7301 Irresistible Sports Dress & Bolero 1948 - I mean who would play sports in that dress? That's a strutting around in the sun saying "Look at Me" dress. No one wants to sweat in that outfit. I have this in a Size 14 Bust 32. While researching I found one other and snatched it up. So by next week I'll have another of the same size listed so no fighting over it LOL.
Found about 20 or 30 brand new Vogue patterns yesterday (from the 1990's) and an absolutely yummy early 1950 evening gown and coat. It's strapless and the ultimate movie premiere outfit. I need to research it and make sure it's complete (It appears uncut in factory folds) and look for it next week.
Here's a secret for you readers (if I am repeating myself from an earlier blog better letting you know twice than not at all!). I try to list the evening before and then put the link in late evening or when I get up in the morning. Here is how I do the code link: The first three letters of the month - the day - the year. I don't use any zeroes as in 03 09 etc. So today is sep239 tomorrow sep249 etc. So if you want a sneak peak make a note. Sometimes I run late and do it the morning of the listing but I sure try to get ahead!
Listings today:

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Lizzy said...

Thanks for the tip!
Ah! I LOVE the new listed 50's dress! (pink/white)