Friday, September 18, 2009

Simplicity 3262 Amazing Dress with Detachable Collar & Cuffs / ca. 1950 with the blue dress on the left having a sheer "overdress", the red dress has little ties on shoulders and there is some spiffy stitching to make them both have a fitted bodice. Super rare I couldn't find another anywhere on the internet. And that huge collar is detachable. Uber fashionista!
I'll be taking the weekend off as usual - some patterns listing tomorrow but most are 70's to 90's as I've sold quite a few newer ones laterly so I need to restock. When I started my site it was surprising to me how fast the newish patterns sold. But taking into consideration how super expensive new ones are it's not really a shocker. People are getting more savvy too with the economy sucking so bad. I would encourage all of you to check out your thrift stores for fabric. I always see so much but it's beyond my storage to get any to think about selling. Blows me away what people get rid of. Goodwill and Salvation Army often have a ton of fabric and if any of you have a Savers near you they are good too.
Here is what listed today:
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - and does it seem like the summer flew by? Fall is in the air!


Lizzy said...

Lovely pattern, I wish I could buy all the patterns I like..but I can't , you have said it, the economy sucks not just in USA...I guess in many parts of the world, and for me to buy a pattern in USA is kind of a "luxury", so I just watch them and imagine I can sew them hahahaha

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Truly a worldwide economic crisis. We are all so financially intertwined. And those dang postal rates keep rising