Thursday, November 4, 2010

All day sale on Friday will be:  Buy one Butterick pattern and get 20% off your entire order!  Your coupon code will be BUTTER to put in during checkout for your discount.  I will put the coupon code in at midnight tonight and it will end midnight Friday.  Make out your shopping list early!

Advance 3220 Illustrious Dress & Ring Scarf / ca. 1962 which looks like a "stewardess" uniform like those worn on British Airways in the 1960's.  The poor envelope is very discolored.  A deep navy blue color would be striking.

Quite a number of "newish" patterns to decide for today but I can only pick one.  Be sure and go in and "View All" to check out some of the great 80's patterns listed today.  I got a bunch from a lady who was a bitty thing so most are in the 6 to 10 size range.  Boy did she have great taste!

Here is the one I finally picked:  Simplicity 7512 Disco Halter Jumpsuit & Dress 1986.  This one is super rare.  I found only one on the internet and it was priced quite high.  It's a rare beauty for sure.

Truthfully I plagarized the "disco" part of the description  but it sure does look like it would fit in Saturday Night Fever under the disco lights and John Travalta as a partner.

Family sleepwear would make a fun Christmas gift to open up early Christmas morning and everyone change into their own personalized nightshirt: McCall's 3864 Unisex Nightshirt & Pajamas 2002

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