Friday, November 5, 2010

Sale Started!  It goes until Midnight tonite.  Buy one Butterick pattern and get 20% off your entire order!  Use coupon code BUTTER at checkout and enjoy!

Simplicity 2263 Tried & True "Shirt" Dress - Lots of Pockets! / ca. 1957 a must have for any shirtdress fashionista.  Two upper and two lower pockets.  Oh okay they're not big but ID & credit card in one, cash in another, lipstick in one and a comb in the other.  Anything else needed?

McCall's 5137 Big City Jacket, Bolero Jacket & Dress 1990 which at first looks nice but nothing special.  But take a closer look.  The dress is a strappy "sundress" and then that little bolero jacket that has a wide collar and button front, and the longer jacket is asymmetrical - truly Big City.
Christmas gift idea for today:  Simplicity 3933 Stuffed 15" Loopy Animals 2006 perfect huggable present for a little person!
No listing tomorrow - taking the weekend off.  My husband already has Monday and Tuesday listings scanned and so it will be a relaxing weekend for sure.  Weather has been in the high 80's - with a mild and delightful breeze.  Our local swap meet the Arizona Marketplace is opening for the season this weekend - yay.  We'll put on our walking shoes, bring our shopping basket and spend hours touching and sampling and visiting.

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