Monday, November 29, 2010

Simplicity 1279 Long Waisted Dress - Detachable Collar & Cuffs / ca. 1955 - check out that pleated / gathered skirt.  Can you imagine ironing that skirt Oh My Gosh!  Honey take it to the cleaners.
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend.  We had planned to go camping with friends but hubby got sick.  You know the kind of sick where they are coughing up hairballs.  Not wanting to infect friends we stayed home.  We had a quiet and actually fun Thanksgiving with the two of us cooking up specialties and giggling like kids in the kitchen.  Oh did I mention the eggnog and rum?  That would make anyone giggle.
Featured new comes from one of my favorite pattern makers

Burda 7715 Gorgeous "Goth" Dress & Jacket 2000's and only Burda Patterns can create such an edgy "Euro" look.

Gift idea especially if you have a pre-school, nursery school or kindergartner who has to carry "stuff" and takes naps too:  Zip 'N Stuff Multi-Purpose Bag - Unzips Into a Blanket 1993.  I'll be having another Zip 'N Stuff pattern for you tomorrow.  Lots of children's patterns ready for the picking too and there's still enough time!

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