Monday, November 1, 2010

Mail Order 4808 Glamorous Hostess Dress - Drape Backed 1970's with an almost Jackie-esque back.  Total yum.

Sorry to post so late.  Sigh - Mondays - I think you all know how Mondays are. 
A lady sent me a question about a costume pattern and noted her website which I visited and found to be very fun!  Tricia's Vintage Touch - where she makes authentic vintage clothing and even hats!  As you can see she specializes in Old West Clothing.

Featured new is a Simplicity 6460 Willowy U-Necked Dress 2000's another great New Look pattern with a lovely bodice, high waisted tie in front and buttons all the way.  Love it.  

Here's another fun pattern for some gift ideas:   McCall's 8310 Great Gifts - Bazaar Package 1982  Cotton Ball Holder Bag, Large Stuff Bag, Soft Pouch, Three Pocket Bag, Tissue Box Cover, Soft Box, Jewelry Box, Picture Frames, Shoe Stuffers, Purse, Sachets, Travel Sewing Kit something for everyone.

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