Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clotilde Pattern 2893 - 3099 Lorraine's Roaring 20's Brassiere & Pantees 1920's

Featured vintage pattern today is Clotilde Pattern 2893 - 3099 Lorraine's Roaring 20's Brassiere & Pantees 1920's a rare lingerie pattern!  Interesting that they are called "pantees" and not "panties" - hmmm.  I had not ever heard of Clotilde Patterns but did find a few online.  Always nice to learn something new.

Also putting in a Forties' hat making book by a prominent designer of that era: 
Talk about space age!  Truly some of these hats look out of this world.  You have to be an adventurous spirit to make and actually wear some of these LOL

Now a "last but not least" lovely: 
For the first time in a long while I listed a few items on Ebay.  Not patterns!  I have a stack of "stuff" I've picked up after cruising the patterns and now I am trying to get some extra space so up they go.  Oh actually the purse is one of a collection I've put together for the last 10 or 15 years.  I have given away and sold some but kept the best.  I just don't have an opportunity to use this amazing purse:  Risingfeenix Ebay Items

The last year I have discovered the "Begotten" line from Simplicity and every one has sold lickety split.  The "new" featured today is:   Simplicity 9128 Ethereal Fitted Dress 2000 surely a one of a kind dress.
Looking for a bathing suit?  Summer racing here so check out: 
My friend Joni sent me a big batch of patterns (thanks sweetie!) and the prior owner had cut the front and back of the envelope and pasted them to a manila envelope.  What the heck is this done for????  I've run across it a few times and it irritates the bat snot out of me.  I think of it as defacement.
Since they are newer patterns from the 1980's and 90's I don't feel they affect the sale and the info is all there.  Okay it just bugs me.

This Eighties pattern isn't terribly new but I love it and it just yells "wear me to a pool party" - Simplicity 8108 Patio Party "Muumuu" Dress 1980's.  Had this a few times before and it flies out of stock - be quick if it's for you. 

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