Monday, May 21, 2012

Simplicity 2502 Flirty Sleeveless Dress & Short Jacket / ca. 1958

 Hello readers!  I will be having a Memorial Day Weekend sale starting Friday and going thru Monday night.  Check back on Thursday for the discount info - it will be 20% off for you readers only.

I got tired of trying to decide which vintage pattern to feature so I will put several in today.  The first is :  Simplicity 2502 Flirty Sleeveless Dress & Short Jacket / ca. 1958.  It is so summery with or without the little jacket.  A winner.
Pretty contract neckline - bodice trim on both the dress and jacket.   The skirt has such a lovely way it hangs - it doesn't spurt out it just flows.  If I had to describe in one word it would be "understated" -

Need a slip or petticoat to go with this dress?  Simplicity 2423 Cat's Meow Daytime & Evening Slip & Petticoat / ca. 1948
A rare lingerie pattern that is uncut.  This will top off your retro dress or blouse & skirt to be retro and vintage underneath too!
If you've been looking for a jerkin or vest this pattern throws in a wonderful little capelet  - Mail Order 2396 Figure Enhancing Jerkin "Vest" & Little Cape 1940's.
I have recently discovered the joy of wearing a "vest" or sleeveless blouse with a shirt underneath.  Why did I wait so long?  It's been fun to mix and match.

I can't resist putting this one in - Smplicity 3948 Lovely Lolita Nightgown & Panties / ca. 1961.  View 2 the middle length is the one for me.  Heating up here in Arizona and it's the ticket! 
It's a bit early to think about Halloween - or is it?  Check out these two fun costume patterns - if you love the Addams Family these rare and out of print patterns are a great find:

No idea how I came upon this website but I have enjoyed it and bookmarked it.  It's called and it is filled with great stuff.  I especially like the Square Foot Gardening info as I have wanted to get back into growing some of my own veggies and am a fan (having done it years ago very successfully) the Square Foot Gardening method.

Featured new patterns start with Burda 7583 Honey of a Cape & Bolero 2000's a great toss on topper for just heading out and wanting to look unique and fashionable.
This next pattern just struck me - looks very "today" with a touch of "yesterday" - Simplicity 2504 Adventurous Spirit Jacket 2009
Already scanning and sorting for tomorrow's listing so stay tuned!

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