Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Simplicity 8781 Bee's Knees Button Trimmed Dress 1970

I love this one!  Simplicity 8781 Bee's Knees Button Trimmed Dress 1970 especially the sheer upper bodice one.  Little poofy sleeves!  I actually had a dress similer to that view but not the sheer top.  Sadly I'm not a poofy sleeve type.  More of an outdoorsy horsy girl but I tried dang it!

It's always hard when I find a pattern with an envelope that is a train wreck.  But this next one has pieces and instructions in good and useable condition so it didn't get thrown away and after researching it realized how lucky I was lucky to find this rare one:  Advance 3505 Killer Beautiful Dress with Scallop Bodice / ca. 1943
This pattern reminds me of a British flight attendant from the Sixties or Seventies:  Anne Adams 4628 Helen's Awesome Tab Collar Dress & Scarf 1970's with a fun button tab to hold the scarf.  I know the pattern has a scarf piece with it but don't we all have a scarf collection?
For the Sixties Mad Men addicts here is:  Anne Adams 4910 Socialite Double Breasted "Shirt" Dress 1961 a true class act.
I've started to put the key words "mad men" in when listing so if you are looking for those styles click here:  Mad Men Patterns

Just realized that my first featured pattern should have been this one: 
and the picture shows why.  The dress itself is awesome but the three different collar types sets it apart.

For my favorite "new" patterns put in today this Vogue blouse looks so versatile and useful and comfortable: 
Vogue 2634 Button Front Top for Casual or Career 2002 and can be worn during any season.

Not a big fan of the baggy pants look but I could change my mind with this Burda pattern:  Burda 7655 Street Chic Hip Hop Baggy Pants 2000's and these can be pulled on over a bathing suit or if you are going to travel and want to be comfortable.  More of this type of pants:  Hip Hop Pants Patterns

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