Monday, May 7, 2012

Prominent Designer A861 Bombshell Dress & Jacket 1950's

It was quite nice to see a number of you readers find some treasures during the sale.  Thank you!

My time off wasn't as relaxing as I would have liked - it's so hard to stay away from the computer and my email.  Plus having just changed my email I did have to go back and forth to make sure I was getting all my friends and business stuff changed over too.

Featured today is one of my favorite ones to find - A Prominent Designer:  Prominent Designer A861 Bombshell Dress & Jacket 1950's and as with all the early Prominent Designer patterns it's a killer fashion.  See 1950's Prominent Designer Patterns and 1960's Prominent Designer Patterns.

Do many of you use Facebook?  If so watch out what you view and click like on.  It seems to be adding and sharing when you don't want it to.  I so enjoy FB because I have family in the U.K. and friends all over the States so it's so nice to visit that way and view pictures and status but dang it's creepy too.  Being stubborn I refuse to be intimidated - grin.  Just being extra cautious.

Mother's Day is next Sunday - make plans now to honor your mother or mother-in-law.  Thought a reminder would be good - sometimes in our hectic lives we miss important occasions until they hit us in the face.

Another visit to the vet today with Little Girl.  Lucky her she didn't have to come out of the box.  The vet is trying a new thing on her called "Buprenorphine" - hmmm.  Very interesting research on it.  She seems okay with it not like other stuff that's been tried.  Cross your fingers.  Oh - had a good hard laugh when I saw her file had a big sticker on it that said "CAUTION - BITES."  She is such a big baby - I could wear her as a hat if I wanted to she is that easy.  I told the vet that and she just looked at me - well she loves me anyway hee hee.

Featured new is a rather attractive tunic top with the hemline longer in back - a bit edgy and unusual: 

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