Friday, October 23, 2009

Butterick 5015 Outstanding Button-In-Back Blouse / ca. 1949 which covers the gamut from June Allyson to Joan Crawford. Another one of those patterns that just isn't to be found - it's pre-cut tissue and is missing the "tab" piece which fortunately is a no big deal. Even "I" can replicate that LOL. The big lot of old patterns I picked up last week has a ton of blouses that I'm still going through but this is one of my favorites.
After I finish this blog my honey and I are heading to the swap meet and then maybe later today or tomorrow for sure we are loading up the bicycles for an adventure at West Wetlands Park. We got handlebar coolers with a cup holder so we can bring some water (or in Harry's case beer) and an energy bar which I will need to drag my lard butt down the trail. It's that time of year here at last. Oh oh - I got one of those upside down tomato planters for the patio which I'll get going this weekend. Anyone have any luck with that? Maybe I'll put in some squash in a pot too.
Do any of you do Facebook? I put some pictures in of our trip last weekend to the sand dunes. I'm not in the shots luckily - this was a "guy" trip and I was back at camp relaxing. If you Facebook look up Sheila Savell.

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