Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not sure if this is a San Francisco Saloon Girl dress or from the 1940's. Well okay it's 1940's. Simplicity 1453 Dazzling Evening Dress / ca. 1946 - a bit "different" looking. It's a teensy size (I haven't been in that range since junior high) with a 29 bust so only bitsy girls need apply! So for all practical ladies' sizes it's just put in for eye candy and wishful thinking.

Sale started today and a newsletter shot out this morning too. We are almost ready to go - just those few last minute things to add. Having a 5th wheel is handy - I got over the taking things in and out and just keep a full kitchen etc., with the trailer having its own towels, sheets, etc. So throw in some food and beer and margarita mix and we are good to go. Sadly the stinkin' weather has warmed up again and it's going to be 100 this trip. Dang. But the evenings will be wonderful so I'll sit in the shade and visit and relax during the day.

So have a great weekend and hope you can find some fun patterns to get on sale!

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