Tuesday, October 13, 2009

McCall's 5176 Irresistible Lace Skirted Dress & Slip 1959 - probably the loveliest dress I have seen in a long time. The sheer top and skirt over the "slip" is so eye popping. I found one other on the internet at a site well known for extremely high pricing. I'll admit to pricing some very special patterns a bit higher than usual but I'm not in their league! Truly I don't want to be that elite - sometimes I'll pop a bit more for something I really really want but we all have a budget especially in these times. In fact I don't ever remember being on such a strict budget before. Not much eating out for us which is probably good as we are eating healthier LOL.
SALES RULE! I'll be starting a 15% off sale Thursday morning. We are heading out for our first sand dunes camping trip of this winter. We'll be back Sunday and orders ship Monday or Tuesday. I'll be using the coupon code GLAMIS. So make out your shopping list before Thursday!
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