Thursday, October 29, 2009

I can't believe I missed yesterday! I was on a scanning and picture editing frenzy and drifted into a black hole. The good news is lots of great patterns all ready to list and a rare occasion when I am ahead. Wow. Vogue 7018 Ethnic Unisex Caftan 2001 for all you caftan lovers. It's a Koko Beall design.
Ran across a website that shows how to resize patterns. So if you are looking at a pattern that just isn't the right size check it out: Resizing Patterns - if there is a better one out there let me know so I can share it.
Finally cold here. It went from 80's two days ago to 70's and now it will be in the 60's today. Arctic. It was 43 when we got up this morning. Long jammies, long robe, tall furry slippers in place and ready to get coffee. Those of you in those cold climes are probably thinking I am such a whiner. But been there before! At Mono Lake where we used to live it is 20.1 degrees. Goosebumps happening right now!
Here is what went in yesterday: October 28
Here is today's: October 29

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