Wednesday, October 7, 2009

McCall's 7247 Trendy Knit Blouse,Skirt & Vest 1980 - something just caught my eye with this wardrobe. It is so "together" - maybe I just like the color combo with the peachy top and spotted black accented skirt. If you look up the word "versatile" in the dictionary there is a picture of this pattern - just kidding!
It is by Designer Evelyn De Jonge who has a very smoooooth style about her.
Sorry I missed yesterday - by the time I got my head above water it was too late in the day to bother. I have some really old kids patterns listing tomorrow and Friday if you collect those.
We are leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday (no sale sorry but the following week starting the 15th or 16th another 15% off sale - we are going camping!). It's my brother-in-law's 50th birthday and my sister is throwing the "mother of all parties" - we are bringing the tequila for the margarita machine she rented. Probably 100 people. Luckily for me as I am a huge wimp - after a few margaritas I can retire to "our" bedroom and recuperate.
Here's what went in today:

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