Friday, January 15, 2010

Butterick 8792 "Firecracker Flounce" Skirt / ca. 1959 the ultimate wiggle skirt. The description actually calls it a "firecracker flounce" - which makes me long that today's patterns be more creative in their descriptions like older pattern makers did. The generic and boring description makes me yawn.

SALE STARTING TODAY JUST FOR YOU GUYS! Use coupon code SEWSALE for 15% off. I'll end the sale Sunday night so shop away. I won't be doing a listing tomorrow. We're going to the home and garden show this weekend and I'm going to relax. All orders ship Monday or Tuesday. I always shoot for Monday but usually there are extra orders over the weekend (which is good for me - smile) but I can't always beat that mailman.

With the sucky economy it does seem like more and more people are turning to making their own clothes. Makes sense to me. We are all feeling the pinch in our pocketbooks. So we will all do what we always do - tighten the belt and go on. Are we flexible and resiliant or what!

Do you have any hints, suggestions, tips to pass on to save money? Pass them on to me and I'll list them!

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