Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spadea S-378 Spectacular Bubble Dress 1957 featured today but dang who would wear this. It cannot be flattering to anyone can it? Who could wear this and look good? Maybe as a shortie I'm just jealous of anyone who could pull this off - grin.

Super lunch with my girlfriend yesterday trying to catch up on 30+ years of history and reminiscing about old friends and co-workers. Neither of us fainted at the sight of the other fortunately. She has always been a "lady" and still is. I'm still the tomboyish jeans and tennis shoes gal. Some things never change.

A bit late in listing since I spent half of yesterday visiting - sorry about that!

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nancyc20 said...

It would hide 1 of my significant figure flaws!(the old bubble patootie) My mom saved a drawing I did when I was 5...it was a lady in a bubble skirted dress. Guess it impressed me then!!!

Melodee said...

I laughed out loud reading your commentary for this pattern. No kidding! What was the designer thinking!