Monday, January 25, 2010

McCall's 9118 Wonderful Wrap Arounder Dress 1967 such a hard to find pattern!  Easy on, easy off!  Get creative with this one too - trim, ribbons and bows let your imagination go wild.

Created a new category for pet clothing and accessories and though I don't have alot yet I'll be looking for more.

Put alot in for the next few days already!  Most of them are newer but I'll be going through some oldies to put in each day as well.  Here are the links to what I have already put in so you can beat the rush - I wish LOL:

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nancyc20 said...

Wow...a picture with someone in glasses...still a clothing design taboo! In my young and wild days I remember writing Seventeen and asking why there were'nt any models with glasses...such a revolutionary!!! Love the dress...

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

I hadn't noticed that! Good eyes (you must be wearing your glasses!)