Friday, January 22, 2010

Simplicity 6328 Refined Retro Dress & Jacket 1965 - out of nearly 50 listings today this is THE ONE.  Best of all it's one of the few plus size vintage patterns out there that is actually stylish.  I have alot of buyers and visitors asking for stylish plus patterns.  Believe me I always pick them up when I find them!   Speaking of Style I just acquired number of Style Patterns that I should get in about a week.  Like the New Look line (pre-Simplicity acquisition) their designs ring my bell.  A bonus is the multi-sizing.  It's always a heartbreak to find an awesome pattern in one size only.  That's expected with the oldies but some of the newer only have one size or a 3-5 size.  These puppies are 6-16 or 6-18.
Listed a Vogue 9970 that made me bust out laughing.  Not the jacket and dress but the hat!  It's kind of an offside conehead design.  Who would wear that LOL!
Sorry no sale this weekend as I promised.  We didn't go camping - no big surprise.  The west coast is getting its butt kicked with rain and snow.  Our old neighbors said our old house has snow up to the windows.  Okay I "sort of" miss that.  But not the shoveling.  We got mass amounts of rain and i refuse to camp in the mud.  I'll have the sale next weekend instead.  My sister is coming for a long weekend and we'll be busy shopping - oh yeah!

No listings or blog this weekend.  I promised my husband to actually take a few days off and spent time with him.  Oh - okay!


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