Monday, January 18, 2010

Simplicity 4262 Dreamy Dress - Wow Neckline / ca. 1962 which normally I wouldn't put as a feature pattern because it is missing the front neck facing. But I couldn't find one other on the internet and it is a glorious style! That neckline is glorious. It has two skirts - one of which is uncut. It's also a Slenderette pattern.

Got a fun collection of costume patterns this weekend that I put in too. Found several from the ArkiVestry Haunt series that are so Cirque Du Soleil Goth looking - very fun!

Got a new cellphone yesterday. The new technology is mind boggling. Touch control, screen scrolling by touch, internet, and so many features it is intimidating. It will be much more user friendly for keeping in touch with my customers. Are you as addicted to cell phones as I am?

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