Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Designer for September Vol. XX Fashion Magazine 1904 and also The Designer for March Vol. XXIII Fashion Magazine 1906 two rare and wonderful ladies' fashion magazines in the style of Ladies' Home Journal.

In my research I found many advertisements from these magazines but few entire magazines.  I got a lot of them and these were the only two that were entire.  Just looking through them is a true walk down history's lane.  The illustrations are all so frameable.  It was so tough to figure out what pictures to put in and I did put quite a few extras.

I listed some hat patterns that came from the magazines that were only salvageable in part and will list more later this week including some wonderful crochet patterns.  Many of the advertisements and illustrations I will share when I mail out orders.

New featured is Vogue 7784 Cutting Edge Top 1990 which in my former career days as an office manager would have been in my closet in a hot second. 

Want a cheap vacation?  Check out Earthcam - I found the Eifel Tower - awesome!

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