Friday, August 20, 2010

It's way too late for the true Cinco de Mayo but here's your chance to get ready for next year.  Mail Order 8210 Cinco de Mayo Blouse & Skirt 1950's

Now if you have a South America vacation or a cruise coming up - well this is a winner at any festive event.

If our reservations go thru my husband and I will be gone from next Wednesday to the following Tuesday or Wednesday and we'll have a big sale.  Please cross your fingers or say a little prayer for it to happen for us!  Washington D.C. here we come!

No listing tomorrow sorry.  We'll be scanning like mad weasels to get ahead in case we will be away. 

Featured New:  Simplicity 7104 Ballistic Design Your Own Dress 1996 which I have in almost all sizes.  Start those arm firming exercises right now!

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