Monday, August 9, 2010

Vogue 8932 Delectible One Piece Dress 1956 with the most stunning skirt.  It has a pleat in front and back and on sides.  Only Vogue could pull this fashionista style off.

The "Rent a Kids" came this weekend and we had a wonderful time at the river.  I got too much sun - not sunburned just burned out.  Even with a shirt, big hat and sunglasses my eyes and arms feel fried.
Butterick 5007 Bewitching Goth Costume 2007 is my new featured pattern.  Who cares if this is a "costume?"  This is great!  A bit raggy chic.

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Me waiting for Harry to come back from parking the truck!  A nice hot day with good friends - that is best of what life is all about!

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