Friday, August 13, 2010

Mail Order 8468 Eleanor's Cap Sleeved Frock 1940's - this pattern used to belong to Eleanor Kisley and a big thanks to her for preserving this beauty and passing it on so that it came to me.  Wish I had a picture of her in this dress.  V-yoking so poignant - just an overall beauty.  No wonder it won a 1st Prize!

A new feature on my website compliments of my web host is a "Map It" feature.  When someone places an order there's a red Map It symbol that if I click on it I go to Google Maps and can see the address from a satellite view.  Oh this is so neat!  If you haven't searched around Google Maps try it.  My favorite was finding the Eifel Tower and believe me it wasn't that easy.  But worth the trip.  Unfortunately my area (if you wanted to see where I live - grin) isn't very clear.  Because we live by a military base and the proving grounds they "blur" it a bit.  Security.
New featured is Simplicity 8494 Saucy Coatdress, Skirt & Top 1988 - that dress is the eye catcher with a wide kimono belt and looks very kimono-ish. 

Listed a ton for today and no listing tomorrow.  After a weekend of company some chores need to be done tomorrow because Sunday we go out to the river (again) with friends.

So a wonderful weekend wish to you all!

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