Friday, August 6, 2010

McCall's 8359 Bellisimo Dress with Bell Sleeves 1966.  The grey with trim catches my eye.  Very dignified looking with a mod touch great for the office or a business dinner.  Then make it zesty with a bright color with or without trim for a dinner date.

Looking forward to our friends' coming this weekend.  My house has exploded so a short blog.  Laundry, cleaning, changing sheets, getting the 5th wheel trailer ready for guests (it's our guest apartment).  Don't feel sorry for anyone staying in it LOL - it is quite roomy and has all the bells and whistles from walk in shower to flat screen tv.  Stay cool all of you in the heat wave area.

Featured "new" is Simplicity 6570 Stunning High Class Dress 1984.  Sometimes I'm not sure if it's the item or the picture that pulls me.  This is a great picture.  Hint - Do Not - I Repeat - Do Not make it with the horizontal stripes - ick.  No one looks slimmer in that pattern.  Unless you are a stick.  But that straight one with the vertical stripes is a winner.

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