Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't forget the sale for you ladies' today with 20% off your entire order if you buy one VOGUE pattern!  Enter coupon code VOGUE during checkout to get the discount!
I won't be blogging tomorrow - taking the weekend off.  My next blog will be Monday so I'll wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Simplicity 5914 Pleasant One-Piece Dress or Tunic Dress 1965 with an extra sweet bodice and neckline.

I think I have whined 
before about my problem 
with my scanner not 
making as great a picture as I want.  A lightbulb went on and I thought I would try ironing the envelopes because any wrinkles cause shadowing and it is so distracting.  Voila!  Still a little discoloration but for the most part excellent quality.  The time it takes me to iron them is less than it takes me to edit the picture - really.  My husband just shakes his head. 
Gift idea - Simplicity 4407 Scrapbook Covers 2005 a great way to personalize not just scrapbooks but photo albums or even schoolbook binders, etc.

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